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Central Feeding System


The central feeding system is a whole plant design solution which adopts vacuum conveying mode and microcomputer centralized automatic control system to realize the uninterrupted unmanned continuous molding operation of plastic particle raw materials.

The mechanic robot can plan for you from the plastic molding automation equipment of the whole plant, including the storage of plastic raw materials, dehumidification and drying, raw material transportation to metering mixing, from the temperature control of the mold to the cooling system of the molding equipment, a series of automatic whole plant planning and non-standard customization, such as automatic extraction of manipulators to crushing and recycling of products and wastes.

Why choose Lijiang Central feeding system?
1 greatly reduce the cost of production.
2 improve the image of the company in an all-round way.
3 the production site is cleaner.
4 effectively improve product quality.
5 the production process is more efficient.
6 the management of the workshop is more convenient.

"advantages of central feeding:

1. Free maintenance for life.
two。. The noise of the central fan is less than 80 decibels, so that the employees have a good working environment.
3. Automatic pigging function and automatic cutting function to ensure the cleanliness of the pipeline.
4. According to the requirements of the actual use of customers, optional hopper configuration, all 304 stainless steel material, beautiful and durable, hopper and pipe connection with the use of temperature-resistant corrugated hose, strong flexibility and not easy to fall off.
5. The pipe of the central feeding system is made of 304 stainless steel, with a full thickness of 1.5mm, all joints do not need welding, and movable joints are used to facilitate disassembly and maintenance.
6. The central feeding system has a high degree of automation, less one-time investment and low operating cost.
7. All electrical components are made of Siemens, OMRON and Schneider brands.
8.PLC program control has good expandability, easy to operate, humanized touch screen interface is obviously easy to understand, can realize uninterrupted unmanned continuous molding operation, and can realize Ethernet remote monitoring and operation.
9. The storage, drying and transportation of raw materials are operated centrally in the central feeding area far away from the molding workshop, which is easy to manage and maintain, centralized processing and high efficiency, so that the product quality is stable.
10. The utility model has the advantages of convenient refueling and cleaning, low loss of raw materials, and the design of multiple feeding pipes can ensure the diversified demand for main materials.
11. The system adopts closed pipeline transportation to ensure that there is no secondary pollution of raw materials.
twelve。. Strong flexibility, according to the need to change the combined use of a variety of raw materials to achieve the automation of the coloring process;
13. The utility model has high security and has a variety of monitoring and protection functions.
14. It reduces the maintenance of equipment and the inventory of spare parts, and saves money.