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LK Series – 3 Axis Axial Robot

Suitable for I.M.M:90-560T 




The vertical robot arm is applied for the product removal of all kinds of horizontal injection molding machines ranging from 50t to 350t. The installation direction is different from that of the traditional traverse robot arm, and the finished product and material head are taken out and placed at the end of the injection molding machine. It can make effective use of the workshop space, facilitate the overall planning, and reduce the secondary collision of the product at the same time. After installing the manipulator, the production efficiency can be increased by 10-30%, the defect rate can be reduced, the safety of operators can be ensured, the manpower can be reduced, the output can be accurately controlled and the waste can be reduced.

Model List:


Remark: LE: 3 axis; Z: vertical robot;

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