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Sprue Picker

Suitable for I.M.M.: 50-250T





Sprue Picker robot arms are applied to various types of horizontal injection molding machine, from 50 to 160Tons. It has the advantages of small size, low cost and high efficiency. It is suitable for fast taking our of various products. After install this robot, you can increase productivity, reduce defective rate, ensure safety of operators, reduce man power and accurately control the output to reduce waste.


● High rigid aluminum alloy structure, cooperate with high performance linear slide rail with high rigidity, low noise, low vibration and long service life.

● Both single arm and double arms are for your choice. The finished arm takes out the product and the nozzle. The material arm is used for the water inlet.

● Double cut structure is used for the upper and lower arm, full stroke can be achieved by half stroke, which can shorten the robot vertical height, increase removal speed, applicable for low height workshop.

Remark: LA: sprue picker J: clip; X: suction;

Main Specification

Sprue Picker

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