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Large Full Servo Robot Arm

Suitable for I.M.M.: 550-1600T






The large full servo robot arm is applied for all kinds of horizontal injection molding machines ranging from 650t to 2400t. It is suitable for the taking out application of large plastic parts such as auto parts and household appliance shell, garbage can and plastic pallet.

● Open structure with more space on three sides.

● Larger loading capacity, stronger rigidity.

● Three axis are all driven by high-performance AC servo motors.

● The upper and lower arms of the robot are designed with a vertical telescopic double truncated arm structure, which runs at double speed, which enables the mechanical arm to achieve the full stroke in a shorter time, and shortens the vertical height of the robot, which is suitable for low-height workshop environment.


Remark: LE: 3 axis; S:double cut; J:clip; X:suction;

Main Specification

Large Full Servo Robot Arm

Large Full Servo Robot Arm