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Lathe Robot Series


● Super strong body structure design, using gantry frame, manipulator can be installed on machine tools, tooling or independently installed on the ground, convenient and fast.

● Servo motor ultra-fast drive, high efficiency, high precision guarantee.

● Lathe manipulator structure design is diversified, can cooperate with one or more lathes, can be matched with various feeding systems, CNC lathes and CNC machining centers, fully automated 24H production, achieve unmanned operation, greatly improve production efficiency and equipment utilization, and create higher output value.

● One manipulator with one lathe: the lathe manipulator series is divided into two-axis and three-axis drives, which is suitable for CNC lathes and CNC machining centers. It can realize the automatic operation of automatic grasping, loading and unloading, clamping and processing of workpieces, and provide customers with high-quality and efficient solutions.